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Teen Chat Room, Kids Chat Room, Family Chat Room. This is standard online free teens chat site. We have three different chat room based on age and needs, those rooms are teen, kids and family chat room. Its a free chat room for all teens and kids . There are more teen chat rooms on the Internet world. Comparing to other teen chat rooms, our chat is quit different with few rules and clean chatting. Here you can meet thousands of online peoples who love to make new teen friends and school friends.

Teen Chat Room

Teen Chat rooms are great offer for teen who seek online chatting with strangers from world wide. Teen Chat Room are special room for teens to find their exact online partner to chat and spend some time online. Internet chatting is a great way to meet new peoples from your area or world wide areas.

Here you can chat with more than 2 peoples at a time, and you can also chat in our main lobby to talk with other peoples in the chat box and it will be visible to every one in the room. For private chat you can find a personal messaging option so only both chatters can chat on that private chat window.

Kids Chat Room

Now you are in worlds largest Kids Chat site, it is safe and clean chat space for all aged kids under the care of parental guides. Our teeny chat is for younger teens and older kids to chat in a safe environment to know about the world and other good habits. Chat rooms are really good choice to use it after school, you should need a bit break from study's and other extra activities. You can talk what ever hit in your mind in our rooms (eg. movies, songs, sports, technology, science, inventions, studies, friends and more ). But talking must have some limit range otherwise you will get banned from the rooms if you break our international chat rules.

Family Chat Room

When you see a text says Family Chat rooms and what pop ups in your head? Let me guess you think it is a chat room for family members and for all ages chatters with clean chat space? Yes, you are absolute right and it is our new family safe chatting room for family chatters. You can chat with other family members through our room, it is kind a family get together room. Meet new family members or your neighborhood members and more. We have audio and video facility in these rooms to make a video call or audio call with other family members in this room.

Chat Room Rules and Advice

Just know few rules and special advice's before you start to chat in our teen chat room. Only few rules and regulations makes our chat safe and clean environment for kids and teens to spend most of their internet time in our chat site.

Rules are just for safety purpose it is all not to take away your freedom of chat and freedom of speech, each and every single users wants to feel free while they chat and converse about some topic. Our rules are not to hurt you, it's all about clean and neatness.

  1. If you are looking for adult chat or sex chat please leave the room right now.
  2. Age limit 13-19, you must be above 13+ to use our teen chat room.
  3. Do not give or share your original information to unknown strangers. Some time shares your personal details will make big trouble to you and your family, so be careful while you chat with strangers. (Eg. Mobile number, address, location and IP address )
  4. Our chatters are asked to follow our rules, if any one ask for adult chat or anything wild in here please inform to our moderator about the chatters privately or in public to take right action on them based on our rules.
  5. Liveteenchatting.com ask you to follow our moderator directions in our room, that helps us to keep the chat environment as a safe platform for other chatters. Abusing our VIP, moderators and admins are never be tolerated.

Chat Review

Teen chat rooms are an awesome place to meet people, we talk about music, movies and anything that may be going on in our lives. You hear other teen problems and realize your not alone and it feels good to have someone to talk to about it that's understands. Teen chat rooms are a place where I can go to not feel alone in the world. I have made new friends that I can talk to about most anything and they make me feel like I can be myself. Teen chats opened up a new world for me I didn't have before. Teen chat rooms are a safe place to hang out with friends to chat about anything you want to, music, movies or relationships. You can talk or joke with friends you don't see everyday and stay in touch with people you meet from all over the world.